Good Things Come in Threes: 2 High School Students Get Principal Pants to Match Theirs

Another teacher helped them with their plan.

Two high school students showed up to school in a matching pair of paint-splattered jeans last week — much to their principal’s amusement — but it wasn't long before he was in on the trend.

When Washington Park High School Principal Jeffrey Miller ran into Laron Franklin, 15, and Jaisjuan Brown, 16, in the morning before class, he thought their matching pants were adorable.

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"I started laughing and said, 'You guys are so cute. You all dressed alike,'" Miller told

The teens teased the principal, telling him he’d look good in a pair. They even asked what size he was, to which he responded 38/30, not thinking anything of it.

"I said, 'You’ll never see me in a pair of those,'" Miller said.

But, Franklin and Brown had other plans.

A teacher at the school, Lisa Strand, even helped them execute their plan along with two other teachers who pooled their money together to buy Miller the same exact pants.

During Strand’s planning period, she ran to a nearby mall to purchase them. They then called Miller down to one of the classrooms.

“I started laughing when I saw the bag," Miller said. "Went down to the office and changed, and because it was their lunch, we walked around the school. The kids were just dying."

Miller, who’s serving his first year as principal, said it’s important to build these types of relationships with students.

“It’s important to be responsive and understanding of who our kids are because every kid is different," he told "Part of that is being vulnerable. You want to be able to get down at their level but still maintain that level of guidance and support. If the kids know you care and you trust them, they’ll do what you need them to do."

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And if students think they've seen the last of Miller's new pants, they better think again.

"The jeans will make a return," he said.

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