Is Mel B's Estranged Husband the Latest Example of Hollywood Dads Falling for the Nanny?

Hollywood is full of attractive aspiring models and actresses, many of which turn to child care to pay the bills.

Reports of famous fathers falling for their children’s nanny have become something of a cliché in Hollywood.

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The nanny of Mel B’s kids is just the latest caretaker to find herself embroiled in a high-profile divorce scandal after the pop singer accused her husband of sleeping with the caregiver, and even getting her pregnant.

Both Mel B's husband and the nanny have denied the allegations. 

In 2015, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's marriage imploded after he allegedly had an affair with their nanny — something the Argo director has denied.

That same year, Gwen Stefani’s ex-husband, Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, reportedly carried on a three-year affair with their nanny, Mindy Mann.

In 2005, Jude Law famously had an affair with his nanny, Daisy Wright. Ethan Hawke married his nanny as did the late Robin Williams.

Julie Swales and Stella Reid, authors of The Nanny Chronicles Of Hollywood who own a nanny agency in Beverly Hills, say the these types of affairs should not come as a shock.

"I can understand how this happens,” Swales told Inside Edition. “I'm surprised it doesn’t happen more often."

The duo instructs their nannies to have as little interaction with the adults as possible and advises against wearing bikinis if they go on a family beach trip or to the pool.

"The general rule of thumb for our nannies when they work for celebrities is to have a one piece for the summer," Swales said.

Inside Edition's Victoria Recano, who lives in Hollywood with her husband Tom and three kids, said she can see how some people could get into trouble with their nanny.

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“Here in Hollywood, there are a lot of beautiful young women," she said. "I’ve met many aspiring models and actresses wanting to be nannies, [a] great job with flexibility. For some families, it could cause trouble."

Recano and her family had two stunning models who once worked for them. It didn't bother her but she and Tom say lots of her friends would definitely think twice about hiring an attractive nanny.

“If there was a very good-looking guy or girl in your house, you would have your antenna up at all times," he said. "So it's better to avoid the situation than get into it."

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