Vice President Biden's Daughter Bashes Donald Trump On Facebook

Donald Trump's mission to find President Obama's birth certificate continues, and now Vice President Biden's daughter is slamming Trump for his relentless "birther" questions. INSIDE EDITION reports.

They are harsh words from Vice President Joe Biden's daughter! Ashley Biden is slamming Donald Trump on her Facebook page, writing, "Donald Trump makes me ill!...This discussion over whether or not President Obama has an American birth certificate is just so insulting."

And Trump will have one less viewer for his hit reality show, Ashley also wrote that she's "Boycotting the Apprentice!"

Trump just won't back off his birther crusade. One newspaper is even dubbing the potential presidential candidate "Birther in Chief."

Today Trump met with Arizona Congressman Carl Seel, the sponsor of the so-called "Birther Bill" that would require presidential candidates to prove that they were in fact born in  America.

Celebrity Apprentice contestant Gary Busey sat down with Jay Leno and says he's all for a President Trump.

"Who should be Trump's running mate?" asked Leno.

"Me!" Busey replied.

But the audience at The Late Show with David Letterman had mixed feelings about the Trump becoming the next Commander-in-Chief.

"Donald Trump says he is running for president. What do you think?" asked Letterman.

The audience replied with a mix of cheers and boos.

"He needs to make a cabinet decision for that thing on his head," joked Letterman.