Bird Comforts Grieving Mother as She Visits Late Son's Grave on Anniversary of His Death

Marie Robinson posted a video on Facebook of a robin landing on top of her son's gravestone, then landing on her hand. "Taking it as a sign," she wrote.

A tiny bird seemed to hear a grieving mother’s cries when it offered her comfort on the anniversary of her son’s death.

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Marie Robinson, of England, posted a video on Facebook of a robin landing on top of her son Jack’s gravestone.

Moments later, Robinson held up her hand and the bird landed on her fingers.

"It brought me to tears," she wrote on Facebook. "Taking it as a sign from Jack."

Robinson also posted a photo of the same bird landing on her shoe.

She wrote on Facebook in an earlier post that Jack passed away from brain cancer when he was 4 years old, and Robinson had visited last week on the third anniversary of his death.

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"[Three] years ago today I was totally numb at losing my little Jack," she wrote in a Facebook post shared on April 1. "And [three] years on I’m still numb on this day. Today will be hard."

Although she continues to grieve Jack's death, she said she hopes the video of her encounter with the bird going viral will raise awareness for childhood cancers

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