Great-Grandfather Breaks Record After Celebrating His 105th Birthday With Roller Coaster Ride

Jack Reynolds spent his 105th birthday riding a roller coaster, all in an attempt to raise money for a local air ambulance charity.

All Jack Reynolds wanted for his 105th birthday was to ride a roller coaster.

On Thursday, Reynolds, of Chesterfield, England, became the oldest man in the world to ride a non-inversion roller coaster. He was enthralled as he took the record-breaking ride with his 56-year-old daughter Jayne.

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“I was amazed — really amazed," Reynolds told Good Morning Britain following the ride on the Twistosaurus at Flamingo Land theme park in Malton.

He was also surprised with a birthday cake bearing 105 candles — only two of which were lit — and blown out by the great-grandfather.

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According to Guinness World Records, his roller coaster ride was all in an attempt to raise money for a local air ambulance charity.

Reynolds' record-breaking roller coaster ride is actually his second Guinness title. Last year, at 104, he became the oldest person to receive their first tattoo.

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