Hello, Big Baby! See Mom's Priceless Reaction After Delivering 11-Pound Son Naturally

Mom delivered an 11-pound baby at home in four hours, start to finish.

That had to hurt.

A Washington woman gave birth at home to an 11-pound baby, assisted by midwives and her husband, but without a physician or painkillers.

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She had expected to deliver an infant on the big side, but not that big, her birthing photographer told InsideEdition.com. 

"Her midwives were expecting a baby around the nine-pound mark," said Laura Fifield. But when Natalie Bancroft's son tipped the scale at 11 pounds and 2 ounces, everyone in the room was shocked.

An image of the mother's flabbergasted face, as the slippery bundle was placed in her arms, captured her freaked-out moment.

"It was quite a big baby!" Fifield said. 

The newly arrived Simon, with little rolls of back fat, was about the size of a 4-month-old.

He is Bancroft's third child, and her second to be delivered at home. He is healthy and doing well.

"It's a different mindset than being in a hospital," Fifield said. "The midwives take a hands-off procedure. They don't check your dilation every hour," and moms are encouraged to walk around, squat and let gravity help lower the fetus into the birth canal.

Bancroft alternated between a birthing pool and the bathroom, with her husband and midwives pushing on various parts of her body to relieve pressure to her spine.

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The mother was very focused and "very, very calm," Fifield said. "She had no problems at all."

Her labor was relatively brief. From start to finish, just four hours elapsed, Fifield said.

There is another expressive moment captured by Fifield during the birthing process.

Bancroft is sitting in the wading pool, her head thrown back in laughter, as her fingers rest on Simon's crowning head. 

"She just started laughing," Fifield said. "She was so relieved."

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