Bystanders Risk Their Lives to Save Visually Impaired Man Who Fell on Train Tracks

Footage shows the man on the tracks beside his white cane.

Bystanders risked their lives to save a visually impaired man who fell on train tracks in Atlanta.

Footage taken by witness Jason Molineaux at the Five Points MARTA station on Thursday morning shows several people jumping into action as the unidentified man lay on the tracks while clutching his white cane.

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One of the heroes, Daniel Summers, said he heard people yelling for help as he made his way to the platform.

"There was a split-second when I looked around and said, 'Is this me? Do I need to be the one who jumps in?'" he told WSB-TV. "And yeah, I don't remember looking for a train but I looked at the [third] rail and just hopped right in."

Summers can be seen lifting the man by the legs with help from another stranger. Two others pulled the man up by his shoulders.

Transit police reached them just as the man was pulled to safety. The officers then helped haul the heroes back up to the platform.

In the footage, the visually impaired man is heard screaming that he thinks he's broken his leg. He was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, MARTA spokesperson Erik Burton told

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Everyone at MARTA wishes to commend the bystanders for their bravery, Burton added. 

"We were extremely grateful for their heroic acts for this patron," he said. "People saw another individual in need and they jumped to his rescue. I want to applaud them because they did not hesitate to help him in his time of need. We are truly grateful for their actions."

He added that when the man fell, all approaching trains were stopped, thanks to an alert system MARTA has in place.

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