Stray Dog Covered in Mange, Fleas and Open Sores Is Unrecognizable After Rescue

Reba was covered in fleas, mange, open sores, and had suffered hair loss and swollen feet when she was rescued in Houston, Texas. She was also underweight.

It was a remarkable transformation for this pup discovered on the streets of Texas, riddled with mange and other skin infections several weeks ago.

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Reba, now renamed Honey Bee, is spending her days relaxing at the home of her adopted family, who knew they had to take her in after fostering her through her recovery.

When she was rescued off the streets of Houston just weeks ago, Honey Bee was in extremely dire condition.

Dr. Karri McCreary, of animal rescue YouTube channel Vet Ranch, explained that Honey Bee was covered in fleas, mange and open sores.

In addition, she was suffering from hair loss and swollen feet, and was underweight for her size.

They initially ran tests to check how they could best treat her, and decided on topical treatment for her skin infection and oral medication for worms.

Ten days later, Honey Bee was in good shape and ready to go to her forever home.

"She still has a long way to go, but it's amazing how she looks," McCreary said.

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After another few weeks, she was happy and healthy with a brand new coat of fur.

"She is already spoiled rotten," the veterinarian joked before the former stray dog was about to be adopted into her new home. "She’s just a great dog."

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