Newly Unearthed Footage Shows Mel B Breaking Down as Husband Complains About Sex

The footage is the latest episode in the contentious divorce saga.

Newly uncovered footage shows how America's Got Talent judge Mel B's marriage has been on the rocks for years.

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In her 2010 reality show, Mel B: It's a Scary World, the former Spice Girl broke down in couples counseling while husband Stephen Belafonte complains they don't have enough sex.

He added: “I'm a super freak and I need to have certain amounts of sex." He also called her "really boring" in the therapy session.

“I'm just trying to hold on to everything as much as possible,” she said as tears streamed down her face. She also called him "a big bald baby." 

Meanwhile, Belafonte has filed divorce papers that show he's seeking spousal support.

Mel B has claimed in explosive divorce documents that Belafonte physically abused her and had an affair with their nanny, 26-year-old Lorraine Gilles.

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Both Gilles and Belafonte denied the allegations. 

The singer has been married to Belafonte for 10 years and they have one child together, Madison Brown Belefonte, 5. Mel B has two other children, 10-year-old Angel Iris Murphy Brown whom she had with Eddie Murphy, and Phoenix Chi Gulzar, 18, whom she had with her first husband, Jimmy Gulzar.

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