Half Marathon Tragedy: What Happened to the Vibrant Young Mom Who Died After Race?

Lindsay Doherty was cheered on by her family before she suddenly collapsed after crossing the finish line.

More is being revealed about the Pennsylvania mother of three who died suddenly right after completing a half marathon. 

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Lindsay Doherty, 36, was participating in the Scranton Half Marathon Sunday when she collapsed after crossing the finish line following the 13.1-mile run.

Two physicians at the scene tried to resuscitate her, but nothing worked. And by the time she was rushed to Geisinger Community Medical Center, she was pronounced dead.

Her husband, Jim, cheered her on from the sidelines.

"Our house is about mile four," he told Inside Edition. "My entire family was here, all my kids were standing on the curb [as] she ran by us all. I got to yell for her, grab her hand and high-five her. My son, Jimmy, ran out into the street and she gave him a big bear hug."

Later on in the race, Jim got another chance to see his wife, but this was for the final time.

"I got to see her. I ran with her, [I] said ‘I love you, Linds, you're doing great! You look beautiful! Keep it up, honey!' he said. "Jimmy said, ‘Mommy, I love you! Keep going, you’re doing great.'

"That was mile 11-and-a-half and that was the last time I saw my wife."

A video taken at mile seven showed how she was still full of energy, with another six miles to go.

Her sister-in-law, Judy, ran the race with her.

"She passed the finish line and she had her arms on the hurdles and I started rubbing her back and then she just collapsed into my arms right there," she told Inside Edition.

The medical mystery was solved at the autopsy. It turns out she had suffered an intra-abdominal hemorrhage. A weakened vein in her abdomen tore apart, a malady that was undetectable.

"She never has any signs or symptoms," the widower said. "She felt great. She never had problems with abdominal pain. There is nothing that I can tell you, why this happened. I wish I could." 

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Now, her family is trying to come to grips with the incredible loss. Their home is filled with family photos and memories.

Her husband wants everyone to know what a wonderful woman his wife was, saying: "She was without a question the greatest woman, greatest wife and greatest mother I have ever met. We are always going to love her and she is always going to be with us."

Memorial contributions can be made to the Lindsay O'Rourke Doherty Memorial Fund, PNC Bank, P.O. Box 937, Scranton, PA 18504-9951. They also have a website here.

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