Newly Engaged Man Gets Probation, Slapped With Fine After Spray-Painting Proposal on Building

He's in love, he's in love and he doesn't care who knows it - even if his declaration has him in trouble with the law.

He’s in love, he’s in love and he doesn’t care who knows it — even if his declaration landed him in some trouble with the law.

Kyle Stump, 23, set out to propose to his girlfriend of three months in an eye-catching and memorable way, spray-painting the question on a wall at a city-owned shopping center in Sheffield Lake, Ohio.

"I had wrote it, then a couple of days went by of us driving by and she never noticed it and it was 30 feet long!" Stump told

"It hit me all at once and I was like, 'Oh my gosh, you really did that?!' And then I said, 'Yes,'" Stump’s fiancée, Michelle Astorino, 21, said.

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The message — "Michelle Marry Me I Love You 3-17-17" scrawled across the wall in red paint — also got the attention of the police, who did not take kindly to the unconventional proposal.

After receiving an anonymous tip on the identity of the culprit, investigators called Stump to the police station, where he admitted he was the guy they were looking for after they presented their evidence.

"They matched his handwriting on the wall to the records they had of his handwriting,” Astorino said, referring to a written statement he made back in 2012.

Stump was charged with criminal mischief, a third-degree misdemeanor, which he said cost him a pretty penny, and changed his engagement ring payment plan.

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"I got her a ring but I had to, like, put it on layaway cause I just got hit with like a couple grand," he said.

"We've basically just brushed it off and are excited about our engagement," Astorino said. "It's still a crime, we understand that, but, I mean, it's not that serious."

The pair plans to have a long engagement, giving them ample time to plan a wedding to match the memorable proposal.

"Knowing us, I mean, we’re probably going to be up to something," Astorino said, but noted it would be "nothing too bad."

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