Teen Takes Best Friend With Cerebral Palsy to Prom: 'She Wore Me Out on the Dance Floor'

The pair have been friends since their sophomore year.

Tahj Oliver knew he wanted to ask his close friend to go with him as soon as his heard about the special needs prom at East Oswego High School in Illinois. 

Oliver, 18, befriended fellow senior Evelyn Araujo, who has cerebral palsy, when they were sophomores and the pair hit it off. 

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"It just started one day," Oliver told InsideEdition.com. "I just said hi to her and that one day she could not stop smiling."

They eventually began texting and became close. So when Oliver heard about the prom, he quickly started planning his "promposal" for Araujo. 

The 18-year-old held up a giant pink poster bearing the words, 'Can I have a pass to prom?' as Araujo entered one of the school’s classrooms last month. 

"I asked her. She was so surprised and super happy," said Oliver. 

She so excited she has a date for prom!❤ May God bless this young man for taking the time to go with her to prom? @evelyn77234561 pic.twitter.com/dAKcg5ovH4

— Selene Araujo (@selene98) March 10, 2017

Oliver, who has cousins with special needs, said he knows how much the little things matter. 

"I went to her house and I brought her flowers and I put on her corsage. We drove to the prom together," Oliver said. 

Oliver said the pair danced all night at the masquerade-themed bash on April 2. 

"She wore me out on the dance floor," Oliver said. 

Araujo and Oliver had texted before the dance about what songs they might slow dance to and Araujo’s mom made it happen. 

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In a video posted to Twitter, Oliver and Araujo can be seen slow dancing as Araujo smiles brightly. 

"God bless this young man he invited her to prom and [danced] all night with her they had so much fun," Araujo’s mom, Selene, said on Twitter. 

God bless this young man he invited her to prom and dance all night with her they had so much fun. @T_Oliver_5 pic.twitter.com/HXp6n6csh3

— Selene Araujo (@selene98) April 2, 2017

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