227 Skeletons Found in Peru at Largest Site of Child Sacrifices in the World

Researchers think the sacrifices were connected to a climate-related event like El Nino. 

A hillside in Peru is a burial ground for the remains of thousands of children sacrificed at the site hundreds of years ago.

On Wednesday, archaeologists uncovered the largest amount of remains of sacrificed children in the Americas, which they believe date back to the Chimu period.

“Approximately 95 this year [referring to discovered remains] and a total sum from excavations since 2016 until now of about 227, more or less," archaeologist Gabriel Prieto, who works at the National University of Trujillo, told APTN.

The bodies were found facing the Pacific Ocean near a port that was favored at the time. The children reportedly ranged in age from 4 to 14.

According to the archaeologists, the sacrifices appear to be connected to a climate-related event like El Nino. Researchers believe the people may have been trying to prevent devastating storms.

The remains of sacrificed children have also been discovered in Mexico and even in the Andes, but never of this magnitude, according to reports.