Pictured: Boy, 8, Killed When His Teacher's Estranged Husband Opened Fire in Their Classroom

The shooter checked in at the school's office first.

The first images have been released of the 8-year-old boy fatally shot along with his teacher as her estranged husband entered her special needs classroom in California Monday and opened fire.

Jonathan Martinez, 8, and an unidentified 9-year-old student were standing behind their teacher, Karen Smith, when Cedric Anderson, 53, started shooting in the North Park Elementary classroom in San Bernardino, according to reports. Anderson then turned the gun on himself.  

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Martinez was airlifted to Loma Linda University Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dead.

The boy's anguished family members took to social media to speak out about his death. 

His 9-year-old classmate, who was also shot, reportedly remains in stable condition.

Fifteen special needs children, in grades 1-4, were inside the classroom along with two adult aides at the time of the shooting, according to San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan.

Marissa Perez, 8, was clearly distraught as she reunited with her mother.

“The [man] just walked in with the gun," Marissa told the Los Angeles Times. "He just shot everywhere. I went under the table and then I saw a teacher run out. So I just ran out. My friend and my teacher, they got shot."

Perez’s mom, Elizabeth, told the paper she was angry about the lack of information coming from the school.

She said she didn’t know what her daughter had seen until she arrived to pick her up and Marissa said, “Mommy, I still have blood on my sweater."

"I don't know how we're going to get through this. They could have at least said, ‘Your daughter was in that classroom,'" Perez told the paper.

Anderson was allowed into the school after telling office staff that he was dropping something off for his wife, Burguan said.

He walked into her classroom and "without saying anything, opened fire on his wife," the chief said.

He reloaded at least twice, according to reports.

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Anderson and Smith, 53, had reportedly been married for three months, but had been separated in the weeks leading up to the shooting.

Anderson reportedly had a criminal record, including domestic violence and weapons charges.

The school was placed on lockdown, and roughly 600 students were taken to Cajon High School for safety. The school will reportedly remain closed for at least two days.

Martinez's family started a GoFundMe to help with the child's funeral expenses. 

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