Squirrel Visits Ice Cream Store Twice a Day for Her Regular Vanilla Cone

"We give her a little treat twice a day -- that's probably enough," store owner Scott Martin told InsideEdition.com.

Now that ice cream stores are opening for the season, everyone is lining up to get their frozen desserts — and this squirrel is no exception.

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Despite her small stature and bushy tail, Putter is like any other customer at Fantasy Isle Ice Cream and Mini Golf in Holden Beach, N.C.

Twice a day, Putter visits owners Scott and Pam Martin for a small cone — sometimes vanilla, sometimes sugar-free.

"We try to limit her to two little cones a day," Scott Martin joked in an interview with InsideEdition.com. "We put a sign out to let people know she's part of the family, and to limit feeding her. We give her a little treat twice a day — that’s probably enough."

Martin, who purchased the business in 2015, said he noticed the pesky little squirrel about a year ago. He replaced a customer’s ice cream cone last year after she said a squirrel snatched it from her hand, and dashed into the tree with the treat.

“From there on, she just got very friendly, and loves her little ice cream cones,” he explained. “She’s not the type to jump at anybody or bite at anybody. She’s very tolerant of us. As long as people don’t try to get at her too quickly, she’ll sit next to them."

Putter can even be spotted scurrying around the golf course and putting with visitors, hence her name, which she has learned to respond to when Martin and his wife call out to her.

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"If you see two or three of them, Putter breaks from the crowd and comes down, so we know it’s Putter," he explained.

And, it’s obvious their customers are familiar with Putter. Martin explained business has boomed ever since Putter has been visiting the ice cream shop, and customers come in every day asking for the famous squirrel.

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