Mom Gives Birth Naturally to 13-Pound Baby Boy: 'I Was in Shock!'

She had no health problems during pregnancy.

An Australian mom who always wanted a "little fat baby" got her wish when she gave birth to a 13-pound infant.

Natashia Corrigan's giant baby boy came into the world in January, an arrival that left her stunned.

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"I was induced with my other pregnancies so with this one I wanted to see what it was like going into labor naturally," Corrigan told "We knew he was going to be bigger because I carried big, but we assumed he’d be no bigger than 11 pounds."

So when Corrigan, who had no medical problems during pregnancy, was informed of Brian Jr.’s weight, she was flabbergasted.

“When the nurse told us his weight I was in shock!" Corrigan exclaimed. "She said he was 6.06 kilos so I had to go on my phone to check the weight conversion and when I realized his weight in pounds I couldn't believe it."

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Corrigan, whose previous babies were normal weight, said she brought newborn-sized clothing to dress her son but ended up having to dress him in clothes that would normally fit a child 6-12 months old.

Now, at 11 weeks, Corrigan said he’s still in the top percentile for baby weight.

“He's grown longer, faster and heavier," Corrigan said.  

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