Man Died a Hero After Drowning While Trying to Save Toddler Who Fell Into River

He could not swim.

A Michigan man died a hero after jumping into a river in a valiant attempt to save a toddler.

On Sunday, Joshua Traylor, 24, was with his girlfriend and her 3-year-old son feeding ducks at Clinton River when the boy fell in, according to reports.

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Traylor, who did not know how to swim, reportedly jumped in after the boy but began struggling and never resurfaced.

A bystander heard the commotion and was able to rescue the toddler, according to reports.

However, he could not find Traylor.

A dive team discovered his body an hour later, according to reports.

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The boy’s mother, whom has chosen not to name, took to Facebook to express her gratitude toward her late boyfriend.

“[He] is my hero," she said. "I know this man loved me like no other this man. [He] jumped in a river with me to save my son my son. My son is 3 years old and this man has been in my son’s life since he couldn't even walk," she wrote.

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