What's the Hurry, Young Man? Cop Pulls Over Toddler in Toy Car for Going 'Too Fast'

Nathan Snow, 3, was speeding, the policeman said.

Take it easy, little man.

A 3-year-old Canadian boy has been busted for driving his pint-sized Ford F-150 truck a little too fast.

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Nathan Snow was behind the wheel of his battery-powered toy vehicle with his trusty sidekick Lacey, a miniature Pomeranian, when a very big Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer got out of a very big cruiser to give him a speeding ticket.

"I thought, 'Oh God, what did we do now?'" mom Heather Snow told InsideEdition.com Tuesday night. But the good-natured cop asked the parents if it was OK to pull over their son and give him his first traffic ticket.

Nathan seemed mostly bewildered by the whole situation, his mom said.

"He didn’t really understand — he's 3," she said. "He doesn’t really understand what a police officer is. So we’ve been trying to explain that police are who you go to if you’re in trouble."

As the Mountie wrote "too fast!" on Nathan’s ticket, he chatted with the boy. “For your punishment I want you to go home and help mommy with the laundry," Snow recounted.

The officer also offered Nathan a chance to sit in the patrol cruiser, but the boy wasn’t having it, Snow said. He looked at his mother and said, "No, mommy."

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Snow said her town of Fort McMurray has been through a lot in the past year. Raging forest fires took 4,000 homes in the area and forced 88,000 to evacuate.

"We’re closer now, and nicer to each other," she said. And that’s what she thinks the officer was doing — just being kind to a kid in the neighborhood.

Others apparently think the same. After Snow posted video of the traffic stop to her community’s Facebook page, it went bonkers. Local media stories added to the viewing frenzy.

On one news site, the video had been shared 500,000 times, she said.

Like Nathan, Snow said she, too, was a little bewildered by the attention.

"It just blew up," she said. 

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