I'm Falling for You! Teen Skydives Out of a Plane to Ask His Girlfriend to Prom

The teen started skydiving last year.

A Tennessee daredevil set the bar sky high for promposals when he jumped out of a plane to ask his girlfriend to the big dance.

High school senior Ty Myers, of Bristol, has been dating his girlfriend, Katie Potter, for two years and wanted to do something special to ask her.

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Myers jumped from 12,000 feet while donning a suit and tie and clutching a sign that read, "I'm falling for U! Prom?"

"She loved it," Myers said. "She was completely surprised. She was head over heels for it."

Myers posted the video to YouTube so Potter could physically see the jump. It has garnered more than 37,000 views.

Of course Potter agreed and the pair attended the prom together Saturday.

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"To cap off the night we won prom king and queen," Myers said. "We really enjoyed it."

Myers, who started skydiving last year and has done 30 jumps, said his friends have been asking how he’s going to top his idea for the "next big question."

“I'm definitely going to have to come up with something for that one," he said. "That one is going to take some thinking."

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