Homeslice, an Endangered Sea Turtle Treated in MRI Machine for Humans, Returns to the Wild

Homeslice became the first endangered sea turtle to be checked under an MRI after injuries to her shell and head from a boat propeller accident.

Homeslice, a sea turtle once so injured she received check-ups in an MRI machine meant for humans, is now returning to her home in the wild.

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Animal officials from the Brevard Zoo’s Sea Turtle Healing Center released Homeslice, a juvenile green sea turtle, to a nearby river after she was deemed healthy enough.

The endangered reptile was found last August with injuries to her shell and head from a propeller accident. In addition to being treated with fluids, antibiotics and vitamins, veterinarians took the historic measure of using an MRI machine made for humans to check her wounds

“For the first time ever, an injured sea turtle the Brevard Zoo is caring for received an MRI at Health First," the organization wrote on Facebook, adding that the technology had previously only been used by humans.

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The test was able to determine she did not have any spinal cord injuries.

Following Homeslice’s release, zoo officials said in a press release they hope boaters can help protect endangered wildlife by following speed limits, staying alert and being more careful near seagrass beds.

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