8th Grader Tells 911 Dispatcher the Man Inside Him Killed His Dad's Girlfriend: Report

"He sometimes takes control and I have no control," the boy said. "I have no control over him. It's not fair."

A 14-year-old Ohio boy accused of killing his dad’s girlfriend said that his alternate personality "snapped" before he attacked the woman he affectionately referred to as “mom,” according to reports.

Officials with the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office responded to a Mad River Township home Thursday night after Donovan Nicholas allegedly called 911 to say 40-year-old Heidi Fay Taylor was dead.

Taylor, with whom Nicholas lived and described as his mom, had been stabbed and shot by “the person inside” the eighth grader, the boy said in a 911 call obtained by the Springfield News-Sun.

“It wasn't me who, who, it wasn’t me who killed her. It was Jeff," Nicholas can be heard saying. "He sometimes takes control and I have no control. I have no control over him. It’s not fair."

When asked why he — or Jeff — hurt Taylor, Nicholas said Jeff was "tired of her."

"She always, she always did drugs and she totally like ignored me. Like, once she hit me and she was just — she was done," the teen reportedly said.

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Nicholas went on to tell the dispatcher he was scared and blamed Jeff for the gruesome killing.

“I didn’t — I — I didn’t want to kill her. I hate Jeff so much. He’s — he — he’s going to make me die in prison," he continued.

Nicholas said he was also in a lot of pain, as he had been stabbed by Jeff in the leg.

“It hurts really bad,” he told the dispatcher.

The call came to an end as a deputy ordered Nicholas to put his hands behind his back.

Taylor was remembered for her love of gardening, crafts, cooking and hosting family and friends, her obituary said. 

"She was a kind, compassionate and giving person. Most of all, she loved spending time with her kids and grandkids," the obituary continued. 

She had two children with Nicholas's father, authorities said.

Her obituary noted she is survived by both of them, as well as Nicholas, who is referred to as one of "her children."

Nicholas is a student at Graham Middle School, where he had no history of behavioral issues.

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"Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the family and community and we will continue to support them in any way we can in the coming days," a statement by the school district obtained by the News-Sun said. "We will offer any support necessary for students and staff at our schools.”

On Monday, the school held an assembly for all eighth graders to discuss the facts with students and offer them support, Superintendent Kirk Koennecke told the newspaper.

Nicholas was charged with one count each of aggravated murder and murder.

He appeared in Juvenile Court Friday, where prosecutors argued that he plotted the murder and planned to run away from the scene, but couldn’t because of his leg injury.

Darrell Heckman, Nicholas’s attorney, argued his client has mental health issues and requested a competency evaluation to determine whether the teen is able to stand trial.

Champaign County Juvenile Court Judge Lori Reisinger ordered Nicholas to remain in detention. He will next appear in court April 19.

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