15 Kittens Stuffed in Suitcase Dumped Along the Side of the Road Will Go to Loving Homes

Thanks to social media attention, the 15 kittens now have a waiting list of prospective adopters for when they're old enough to go to loving homes.

Things are looking up for more than a dozen kittens that may soon be heading to loving homes after they were found stuffed in a suitcase that was dumped along the side of a road in England.

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A veterinary nurse noticed a suitcase with a tiny air hole left outside her home in Dagenham one Saturday morning.

When she opened the suspicious package, she discovered 15 tiny kittens inside.

She then turned them over to the Cats Protection Hornchurch & District Branch.

"Sadly, the case was found [standing] up, which meant the kittens would have all been laying on top of each other," said Alison Gambles, a spokeswoman for the shelter.

According to the shelter, the kittens came from several litters born either four or five weeks ago. Because they were so young, rescuers had to bottle feed them before they could be considered for adoption.

They were also treated for eye infections.

"Considering their ordeal, they were all quite chilled out," Gambles said.

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But, as they gained attention through Facebook posts, many prospective adopters have come forward expressing their interest.

As of Tuesday, the shelter reported all the kittens are eating and gaining weight.

"They are all doing fine," Gambles said. "They are a full bundle of mischief."

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