2 Dozen Thrill-Seekers Stranded 100 Feet Up on Six Flags Roller Coaster

They came for the thrills, after all.

A group of thrill-seekers likely got more than they bargained for at a Maryland theme park Thursday after they were left stranded on a roller coaster for hours.

The 24 riders were stuck when the Joker's Jinx stalled with riders some 100 feet in the air at Six Flags America in Largo, Md., at about 6 p.m., authorities said.

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The riders, some as young as 9, according to local reports, were stuck at an awkward angle and had to be ferried down individually by rescuers using a crane's hydraulic arm.

Seven children and 17 adults were on board when the roller coaster stalled, WUSA reports. Fire crews were able to rescue all 24 riders safely.

The last riders were safely back on the ground at about 9 p.m., three hours into the ordeal.

"Earlier this evening, Joker’s Jinx did not complete its regular ride cycle causing it to stop at a safe location on the track," Six Flags said in a statement Thursday night. "The Prince George's County Fire Department was assisted by the Anne Arundel County Fire Department in getting the riders safely off the ride, and this process was completed at 9:21 p.m. The safety of our guests is our highest priority and the ride will be closed for a thorough inspection before re-opening."

Officials said the park would open Friday, but the Joker's Jinx would not.

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A similar incident occurred on the same ride in 2014. When the Joker's Jinx stalled in August that year, it reportedly took officials around 4 hours to remove each of the two dozen passengers.

No injuries were reported in either incident.

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