Is the White House Prepared for the Annual Easter Egg Roll?

Reports indicate that they should have started planning for the event months ago.

This year’s traditional Easter Egg Roll at the White House is generating controversy as the Trump administration has reportedly waited until last minute to order the event's commemorative wooden eggs.

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The Easter Egg Roll, which takes place Monday, is one of the largest annual events at the White House. Last year, more than 35,000 people attended.

Some are now wondering whether the new administration can get it together in time.

Melinda Bates, author of The White House Years, oversaw the Easter Egg Roll for eight years under President Clinton.

"I think they are way, way behind," she told Inside Edition. "It takes literally a thousand volunteers on the lawn Monday morning, maybe more. I don't think the Trump administration even has a volunteer program." 

Chris Chandler is president of Wells Wood, a factory in Maine that churned out the 85,000 wooden eggs that were used in last year's Easter Egg Roll.

In February, his company sent a tweet to President Trump, the first lady and first daughter, Ivanka, warning that "manufacturing deadlines for the Easter eggs are near. Please reach out!”

"We wanted to make sure they knew we are out there and we can perform the work and do the job and it is not a small thing to get the White House to notice you and that is what we wanted to do," he told Inside Edition.

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Another question on the minds many in D.C. is, "Who will play the Easter bunny?"

One White House staffer has prior experience, current Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who played the bunny in 2005 during George W. Bush's presidency.

The Easter Egg Roll has been an annual event since first lady Dolley Madison invited local children to roll eggs around the Capitol Building in the early 1800s.

In 1878, the event was moved to the White House, where it has been held ever since.

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