Woman Recovers After Husband Accidentally Shot Her While Hunting a Squirrel in Backyard

The east Tennessee man had just shot a squirrel eating the flowers in their backyard when his shotgun went off unexpectedly.

An east Tennessee woman is returning home from the hospital after her husband accidentally shot her in the stomach while hunting a squirrel last year.

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“Bye bye hospital after [six months] and one week,” Brenda Durkee, of Dandridge, wrote on Facebook. “Thank you for all your prayers.”

Her lengthy stay in the hospital began six months ago, when her husband Bob Durkee spotted a squirrel in their backyard, eating the last of their petunias.

Bob was putting away his shotgun after shooting the pest, when the gun unexpectedly went off again, shooting his wife in the stomach.

“I can still see it in my mind,” Brenda said, according to WVLT. “I can see the fire shoot out of the end of the gun […] Blast, it just went off.”

Bob said it was an accident, and he was devastated: “I didn’t know what I was going to do if she passed away. I don’t know how I was going to live without her.”

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Through Brenda’s recovery, the couple turned to their faith.

“I had prayers going out all over the world,” she said.  

Bob added, “God is good.”

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