It's a Boy! April The Giraffe Has Finally Given Birth

April waited until April.

April the giraffe has finally given birth. 

Millions anxiously waited Saturday morning as April labored live on camera at Animal Adventure Park in New York.

At about 9:50 a.m., April pushed out her baby, who fell to the ground before the mom immediately began licking and nuzzling the calf. 

Within the hour, the baby boy stood up on his own.

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The birth comes after weeks of waiting, some even questioning whether the 15-year-old animal was actually pregnant. 

Before the birth, April could be seen pacing around her stall with two baby hooves hanging out of her. 

April, who has already given birth three times before, was initially thought to be due in February.

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April carried the calf for 16 months. 

Zoo officials said April will raise her newborn which could take between six to ten months. The park will hold a contest to name the calf.

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