Woman Saves Man's Life On Their First Date With Help of Waitress: 'I'm So Glad He's Alive'

They met online.

A Missouri woman had a first date she’ll never forget. 

Janie Hall was having lunch on Friday at the Cheesecake Factory in Kansas City with a man she’d met online. 

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“It was a great meal. We had a really in depth conversation over lunch just about multiple topics – kids, family, grandkids, perspectives on life. You name it, we discussed it,” Hall told InsideEdition.com. 

The pair’s meals had already been boxed for 45 minutes when Hall’s date, who’s in his 50s, coughed three times, stood up to excuse himself, and then suddenly fell to the floor. 

He appeared to be dead. 

Hall, who worked as a respiratory therapist in the emergency room and the intensive care unit for 10 years, jumped into action. 

“Out of nowhere a female waitress showed up. She helped me roll him over and that’s when you could see the look in his eyes. It was just this glazed over look,” Hall said. “We determined he did not have a pulse. He did not have a heart rate.”

Hall, 45, and waitress, Becca Bartholomew, took turns giving the man CPR and called 911. Thankfully, by the time paramedics arrived the man had a faint pulse. 

“We could hear the ambulance outside and continued to give one round of compressions. He did start a little bit of breathing right before that last round of compressions,” Hall said. “I was so fortunate to have Becca there with me. She is an angel.”

Hall said her date is recovering and she visited him in the hospital after the incident. 

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“We had a great conversation for a couple hours. I was very fortunate to have that conversation with him,” Hall said. "I’m so glad he’s alive."

Hall said the man asked her on a second date in the hospital. She said yes.

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