Dad-To-Be Will Run Boston Marathon In Honor of His Unborn Daughter With Down Syndrome

They received the diagnosis at just 11 weeks pregnant.

A father-to-be plans on running in the Boston Marathon in honor of his unborn daughter with Down syndrome

Oliver and Kinnon Foley found out that their daughter, Tenley, had Down syndrome 11 weeks into Kinnon’s pregnancy through a blood screen test. 

“It was pretty early in the pregnancy so it was challenging because it was right around that time when you start to share the news,” Kinnon, 30, told

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The couple’s doctors referred them to the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress, which they thought may be able to help with the journey. 

“We were able to connect almost immediately with some other families who’d received a similar diagnosis, which was really helpful in processing the diagnosis,” Kinnon said. 

Oliver, 32, told that the organization has been a phenomenal resource for them. 

“Ever since we got the diagnosis, we’ve been communicating with them pretty regularly. They initially provided us with all the information we needed in order to understand what a Down syndrome diagnosis meant,” Oliver said. 

So when Oliver found out that the organization had just one bib left to run in the Boston Marathon, he knew he was meant to run. 

Oliver, who has already run the marathon once, immediately began training and fundraising, setting a goal to raise $15,000. He’s now completely surpassed that, already raising more than $65,000.

“We’ve been so lucky to have friends and family who’ve shared thee story with their friends and so I think we’ve had over 300 people donate, a lot of whom we’ve never met before so we feel really touched by the support,” Oliver said. 

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Oliver is also running in honor of Kinnon’s late uncle, Chris McCall, who had Down syndrome. 

“We’re excited to tell her [Tenley] about her great uncle and show her photos. She’ll definitely have a special connection to him, to people who knew him,” Kinnon said. 

Tenley is due on May 3 - her great uncle’s birthday.

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