Police Make Arrest In Case Of Google Employee Murdered While Jogging

Her body was found in the woods in August.

Police have made an arrest in the case of jogger Vanessa Marcotte who was murdered while on a jog in Massachusetts last summer. 

Police detained Angel Cordero Ortiz, 31, on Friday night in connection with the slaying of the 27-year-old Google executive, according to reports. 

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Ortiz is being held at the state police barracks in Millbury on a $1million bail.

Marcotte’s naked body was found in the woods by a K-9 unit near her Woodlands home on the evening of Aug. 7. After she didn’t return home from a run, her family reported her missing. 

Police said the woman tried to fight off her attacker. She had burns on her feet, hands, and head when she was found. 

In February, the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office announced that they made a DNA breakthrough in the case and said they were searching for an average height Hispanic man in his thirties. 

Police announced Saturday during a press conference that a Massachusetts State Trooper saw a dark-colored SUV in Worcester, similar to the one that was seen driving from the scene. The man driving fit the description of the suspect.

The trooper then went to the man's home and eventually got a swab DNA sample. Police said the DNA matched the DNA found on Marcotte's body. 

Police said Ortiz was working near where Marcotte was killed on the day of the murder. 

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Marcotte was visiting her mother at the time of the attack. 

Ortiz has not been charged yet. He is set to appear in court on Tuesday.

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