Man Poses for 'Maternity' Photo Shoot to Repay Wife After Accidentally Misnaming Their Daughter

The photographer wanted to have some fun.

photographer decided to have some fun with a "maternity" photo shoot.

Martyn Wilkes, of England, said he got the idea after doing numerous maternity shoots for women. 

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“It was mainly for fun,” Wilkes told “After shooting lots of pregnant women I thought why not Paco? He has a big belly.”

Wilkes came up with the outfit, painted stomach concept and flower accessories.

“I just pulled all the standard poses from past shoots and he killed it," Wilkes said. 

Wilkes said his friend Francisco Peres, "Paco," who has two children, posed for the photo shoot in Spain to repay his wife for a mistake he made years ago. 

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“His second daughter was supposed to be named Noelia, but he got drunk when he went to register her name and she ended up being Natalia,” Wilkes said. 

Paco had Noelia written on his belly during the photo shoot. 

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