Man Arrested After Allegedly Breaking Into Home and Cooking Fried Chicken

He also drank some of the homeowner's vodka.

A Florida man was arrested after he allegedly entered a home while the owner was out and began cooking fried chicken and drinking her vodka, according to police. 

Ronald Wesly, 34, was caught frying the goods when Samantha O’Neal and her sister arrived home Wednesday night, according to WOFL.

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"He was in here, drunk as a skunk, just being Betty Crocker," Melissa Stanley, O'Neal’s sister, told the station.

O’Neal said that she started screaming at the man and got him off her property before calling police. 

Alachua County Sheriff's deputies found Wesly walking around the area after the incident. 

Wesly, who is currently out of jail, faces felony charges of burglary and larceny.

O'Neal reportedly said Wesly was an acquaintance but had no permission to enter her home. 

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One of O’Neal’s friends ended up eating the chicken, however, and said it wasn’t half bad. 

"He said it was seasoned very well," O’Neal told WOFL.

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