Chaos Breaks Out at Coney Island Amid False Report of Gunshots

The noise was reportedly bottles being thrown.

Pandemonium broke out at Coney Island’s Luna Park on Easter Sunday after park goers thought they heard gunshots and hundreds ran for their lives as a result.

Video posted to social media showed the park visitors scrambling to safety. Police rushed to the scene near the iconic Cyclone roller coaster, but found no evidence that any shots were fired.

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“All reports of any shooting by the amusement area in Coney Island are false. There were no shots fired or anyone shot,” the NYPD’s 60th precinct announced on their Twitter page Sunday night.

People were alarmed after glass bottles were thrown and a large blast that sounded like gunfire alarmed people, according to reports.

At least one woman was hit with a bottle, according to reports. She was treated at the scene.

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The incident came on the heels of another false gunshot alarm at Penn Station in Manhattan Friday night, when a noise caused terrified commuters to run for their lives, with many believing a terror attack was taking place.

Thirteen people were injured in the stampede that followed. The loud noise that frightened people was actually the sound of cops Tasering an unruly suspect at the train station. 

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