Family Forced From Home Over Easter Weekend After They Say Hoverboard Sparks Fire

The once-popular toys are still causing fires well after the fad has faded.

The hoverboard fad may be largely over but authorities in Florida have blamed the once-popular toy for yet another fire.

This one, in Plant City, broke out Saturday afternoon and forced a family out of their home as it filled with smoke.

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It could have been a tragic Easter weekend for the family had it not been for the valiant efforts of the Haines City Fire Department.

"A fire had ignited through an electronic Hoverboard and was growing rapidly before the crew of E611 made an aggressive interior attack saving the structure," the department wrote in a statement.

According to fire officials, the fire started just after the owners plugged in the hoveboard to charge.

While serious smoke damage throughout the home forced the family out Saturday, the Haines City Fire Department said the outcome could have been far worse.

"We are proud of the outcome that resulted from the aggressive, offensive attack by Engine 611," the department wrote.

The Haines City Police released photos of the smoke damage in the home as well as the charred remains of a hoverboard.

Since the hoverboard "craze" began back in 2015, many dwelling fires have reportedly been attributed to the motorized boards.

Videos of the toys spontaneously bursting into flames are all over YouTube and the faulty batteries behind most of the fires have led to hoverboards being recalled by some companies as well as bans on them by many establishments, air carriers and public transit systems, according to reports.

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While homes have been claimed, it took until just last month for reports a person has died from a hoverboard fire to emerge.

That person, 3-year-old Ashanti Hughes, died in a Pennsylvania hospital burn unit on March 10 after authorities say a hoverboard sparked a fire at her Harrisburg home and sent six people total to a hospital.

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