Boy, 4, Shares Tender Kiss With Chimpanzee Through Zoo's Glass Window

"It was clearly love at first sight," his mom said.

Love knows no bounds — except the glass barrier separating this boy and a chimpanzee inside a zoo enclosure.

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Four-year-old Nolan Moore was visiting the Bioparco di Roma in Italy, when his mom captured him on camera sharing a tender smooch with a chimpanzee through the glass.

"It was clearly love at first sight,” his mom, Angela Tomarelli, told Caters News.

Tomarelli and her son were visiting the zoo on vacation from Canada when one of the chimpanzees appeared to be enchanted by Nolan.

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The pair sat across from each other, making eye contact, until Nolan started putting his hand to the glass, and the chimpanzee returned the favor.

“She seemed eager to play,” Tomarelli said. “Eventually it was her that made the first kiss face, and Nolan kissed her back.”

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