First Lady Nudges Trump to Put Hand Over His Heart During National Anthem at Easter Egg Roll

The Trumps spent the weekend in Mar-a-Lago before returning to Washington for the annual event.

Let the good times — and the eggs — roll!

First Lady Melania Trump on Monday kicked off the 139th annual White House Easter Egg Roll, thanking their guests for joining them for the holiday tradition.

“On behalf of the President and Barron, we wish you great fun and beautiful days coming ahead of us," she said.

At one point, the first lady appeared to remind President Trump to put his hand over his heart during the "Star-Spangled Banner," nudging her husband as the music blared. 

The commander in chief also thanked the crowd, who appeared eager for the day’s events to begin.

“We're going to come out and join you and enjoy your company for a roll, a great Easter egg roll," Trump said. "And I don't know if people are going to be successful, but I know a lot of people down there are going to be successful. I've seen those kids, and they're highly, highly competitive.”

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The president stopped for photos and to autograph hats emblazoned with his “Make America Great Again" slogan, while Melania read Kathie Lee Gifford's Party Animals to children on the White House lawn.

“I like this book because it shows that we are all different but we are all the same,” she said.

She later told Inside Edition that the annual event appeared to be a great success.

“It’s a beautiful day, everybody’s enjoying it,” she said.

Eric Trump and his wife Lara, who are expecting their first child in September, also joined in on the festivities.

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“In a year, we're gonna have our own child out here!” Lara Trump told Inside Edition.

Members of the Trump administration also attended to the event with their children, including Kellyanne Conway and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who once donned the famous Easter Bunny costume in 2005 during President George W. Bush’s presidency.

“It's fun to mix family and business today,” Spicer said.

The formal event kicked off at 7:30 a.m. and included entertainment, activities and the actual egg roll, in which children race wooden eggs with a spoon.

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