Watch Father Goose Attack Unsuspecting Police Officer Again and Again

Fowl play is suspected.

An Indiana officer clearly wasn’t expecting a squabble of this sort when he stumbled upon a mother goose and her combative mate.

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Sergeant Detective Ray Hall can be seen getting into a scuffle with a Canada goose in footage released by the Clarksville Police Department.

Hall told Inside Edition he was on his way to the station when the father goose came out of nowhere and knocked him in the head.

“I was like, ‘holy cow, what was that?’” Hall recalled.

Thinking he could shoo the bird away, he swung a bag containing his camera in the goose’s direction, but that only seemed to make him angrier.

“He came at me again […] and I fell into the mulch area,” he said. “When I fell into the mulch, I was eye level with the female goose on her nest, and she was hissing at me as well and I was within an arm's reach of her, so I hurried up and got out and I ran out of the bush, and he attacked me again from behind.”

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Hall said he saw the humor in the situation, and understood the geese were only being protective of their nest.

The geese and their nest were relocated shortly after the incident.

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