Dad of 5 Girls Is Hilariously Shocked in Delivery Room as His First Boy Is Born

They didn't know the gender beforehand.

It’s a boy — and one excited dad.

Kennedy Zarour, of New Jersey, was ecstatic when doctors in the delivery room announced that his wife had just given birth to a baby boy.

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Zarour and his wife, Natalie, who have five daughters, didn’t know the gender of their unborn child until doctors performed her C-section on March 8.

In a video shared by Caters News, Zarour is completely shocked.

“Oh my God I love it!" Zarour screams as he jumps right out of his seat. "Yeah baby! I got a boy!"

After planting a kiss on his wife, one of the doctors to asks the dad to sit down.

"It wasn't a case of being excited," said Natalie. "We were both stunned. After five girls, the odds seemed to be against us, so we couldn't help but celebrate."

Natalie and Zarour welcomed their new son Gerard into the world, six days earlier than expected.

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Zarour has two 20-year-olds, Ariana and Colette, from a previous relationship and the couple have Mia, 5, Jolie, 3, and Giselle, 18 months.

“It was all worth it and we celebrate all of our children every day."

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