Hear the Chilling 911 Calls After Shooting of Beloved Grandfather on Facebook Video

Steve Stephens, the gunman, has since been found dead.

Newly released 911 audio has captured the chilling moments following the random shooting of a beloved grandfather in Cleveland over the weekend that was recorded on a Facebook video.

"Where was he shot at?" an operator asked one of the 911 callers as 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. lay motionless on the concrete Sunday afternoon.

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"He's been shot in the head," the caller replied. 

"Is he awake at all?" the operator asked.

"He's not unconscious," came the reply. "He's dead."

One caller's screams of, "Oh Lord have mercy! Oh my God!" are all that can be heard from the scene at the start of what has unfolded into a saga that's left a nation horrified.

Police say Steve Stephens gunned down Godwin while recording himself on video. He later posted the footage to Facebook.

Stephens shot himself to death in his white Ford Fusion Tuesday morning while being followed by cops in Erie, Pa., Pennsylvania State Police confirmed.

After the shooting of Godwin, Cleveland cops had issued an aggravated murder warrant for the arrest of Stephens, who allegedly walked up to Godwin Sunday and demanded the victim say his ex-girlfriend's name.

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In the video, the shooter reportedly tells the victim: "She’s the reason that this is about to happen to you.” A handgun then fires and Godwin is shot in the head. 

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