April the Giraffe Meets Fellow Internet Sensation 'Giraffe Mom'

Erin Dietrich became an internet star in her own right after donning a giraffe mask to lampoon April in the last months of her pregnancy.

"Giraffe Mom" Erin Dietrich has met her match.

The South Carolina woman visited April the giraffe and her new offspring, and Inside Edition was there to witness the meeting.

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Erin brought along her new addition, son Porter, who was born March 8.

She had garnered her own online fan club when she videotaped her pregnant self, wearing a $16 giraffe head in a parody of April’s live-streamed and long-delayed birth.

April delivered a 129-pound calf this weekend after hundreds of thousands of viewers were glued to live shots of her stall at Animal Adventure Park in upstate New York.

Erin was met at the refuge by owner Jordan Patch, who then introduced Erin to April.

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After hand-feeding the giraffe some crunchy vegetables, the moms appeared to hit it off.

“We’re buddies; we’re companions," Erin told Inside Edition. "She just doesn’t know it.”

The park is sponsoring an online contest to name April’s calf, and many have suggested calling the young animal Porter, after Erin’s little son.

But both of their babies appeared unfazed by the meeting of the moms.

Mostly, the new arrivals seemed smitten only with their mothers.

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