Craigslist Sex Worker Speaks Out About Long Island Serial Killer

INSIDE EDITION talks to a sex worker who is watching the Long Island serial killer case closely after learning that many of the victims also advertised their services on Craigslist as she has done.

Sequoia a sex worker, has been following the case of the Long Island serial killer closely because she has also advertised on Craigslist just like the victims.   

"I definitely think this could have been me," Sequoia tells INSIDE EDITION.

She says she's taking extra precautions to stay safe.

Now she does background checks before she meets a new client, and she's taking self defense classes.

"One of the victims was asphyxiated. So I went over this mental check list of ok, if somebody has you in a chokehold, what do you do?" Sequoia said.

In addition to the ten bodies found on Long Island, police are also looking into the murders of four women in Atlantic City, New Jersey, about 120 miles away.

The Atlantic City bodies were found on a secluded dirt path in 2006, and featured on an episode of 48 Hours Mystery in 2007. On the episode the they played the call that was made.

911:"Hello, police dept. May I help you?"

Caller: "Yes. Me and my friend were taking a walk down the path. I looked down the water, and there's a dead woman down there."

When cops arrived, they made a gruesome discovery, spaced out along the path were four dead women.
Just like on Long Island all four women were prostitutes.   

All four victims were methodically positioned in the same bizarre manner. They all had no shoes and their bodies were facing east.

Now Sequoia is rethinking whether she should go into another line of work.

Crackdown on Craigslist has lead to the site no longer accepting ads that blatantly offer sex for sale.