McDonald's Witness Recalls Spotting Facebook Killer: 'He Took The Easy Way Out'

Several people watched in shock as Steve Stephens fled a Pennsylvania McDonald's on Tuesday.

A witness to the final moments of Facebook killer Steve Stephens' life has recalled her role in the end of the chilling saga.

Tia Byes was at the Erie, Pa., McDonald's Tuesday when she spotted Stephens in the drive-thru and called 911.

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"I seen him in there ordering his food and I was like, 'Oh he look familiar,'" Byes told WIVB.

Byes called 911 and was told by an operator that they had already been alerted to the suspect's presence.

Pennsylvania State Police followed Stephens' white Ford Fusion in what authorities described as a short pursuit that never exceeded 50 mph.

The pursuit came after Stephens was spotted at a McDonald's in Erie, where workers reported Stephens arriving at the drive-thru, where he ordered 20 chicken nuggets and fries.

A McDonald's worker reportedly recognized Stephens and called 911.

After officers responded, the vehicle took off. When he was stopped with a pit maneuver, cops say Stephens took his own life.

“I’m happy they caught him,” Byes told reporters as she stood not far from where it all went down. “He took the easy way out. He should be in jail."

Byes said the whole situation was scary and that she's glad it has come to an end, for the sake of her community and everyone involved in the case.

"It could have been anybody in Erie that it happened to," she said. "That old man lost his life on Facebook... His family had to see that."

Citizens and police in Erie had been on high alert after a ping from Stephens' cell phone was detected there Sunday. It was about 100 miles from Cleveland, where he fatally shot a stranger, 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. in the street Sunday in broad daylight.

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Incredibly, two of the victim's daughters said they forgive their father's killer.

"I love him and I forgive him. I forgive him," Tonya Godwin Baines said.

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