Adorable Polar Bear Cub Splashes Around With Its Mama During Zoo Debut

The Columbus Zoo welcomed three polar bear cubs in the same month last year in an effort to increase the species' population.

Look out below!

The first of three polar bear cubs born last year at Ohio's Columbus Zoo made its public debut among watchful visitors Wednesday morning.

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The unnamed cub swam around the enclosure with its mom, Anana, but twin cubs born to Aurora are not yet ready to be on display.

Female polar bears typically raise their young separately from one another, and the three cubs born in November will not be on view together until they are much older, according to a statement from the zoo.

The three births within a month at the same facility marks an unprecedented accomplishment for the Columbus Zoo since Anana and Aurora’s three cubs were the only polar bears to be born in a North America zoo in 2016.

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Both mothers were paired with male polar bear Nanuq in an effort to increase the species’ population.

Some experts believe the polar bear population could decline two-thirds by 2050.

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