Brooke Hogan's Lost Dog Rescued From Busy Intersection After Tearful Plea for Her Safe Return

Brooke had left her 11-year-old Pomeranian, Molly, with a friend while she traveled to Nashville.

Brooke Hogan, the daughter of famed pro-wrestler Hulk Hogan, took to social media and the streets this week in a desperate quest to find her missing dog, and the saga luckily has a happy ending.

Brooke had left her 11-year-old Pomeranian, Molly, with a friend while she traveled to Nashville for a short trip, but the trip was cut even shorter when she learned that her dog was missing.

"I landed and the second I got off the plane I asked the gate agent if there is a flight back to L.A.," she told Inside Edition. "I got back on a plane, literally in 30 seconds."

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For nearly 24 hours straight, Brooke and her mother, Linda Hogan, frantically searched her Los Angeles neighborhood in hopes of finding the pup, which she regards as her child.

“She’s like my child, my soulmate,” Brooke emotionally explained.

“She’s everything,” Linda added.

The pair combed the neighboord, calling "Molly! Molly" as they posted fliers and searched in bushes. They also checked local shelters and took to social media in hopes of finding Molly.

Her famous father also participated, enlisting the help of Van Nuys-area "Hulkamaniacs" on Twitter to find the dog.

After scouring the area for any sign of the dog, she was finally spotted in a busy intersection, not far from where she disappeared.

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Good Samaritans stopped traffic to scoop up little Molly and bring her to safety, allowing for a heartwarming reunion between mom and fur-baby.

"I couldn't have picked a better family to pick her up ... they're heroes," Brooke said. 

She was reunited with the pup last night.

"I am so grateful," Brooke said, explaining she plans to get Molly a microchip..

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