Author of New Hillary Clinton Book Reveals the Moment She Apologized to President Obama

Amie Parnes said Clinton told Obama she was sorry she let him - and the country - down.

A new book about Hillary Clinton’s presidential race has placed the blame for her stunning loss squarely on her campaign.

Shattered, written by journalists Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, asserts that Clinton and her staff failed to heed “foreboding signs” that her efforts to become the first female American president were doomed.

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“There were problems everywhere,” Parnes said. “It was a flawed campaign.”

The book also reveals that a shaken Clinton also phoned President Obama in the wee hours after election night and apologized for letting him — and the country — down.

Among the campaign's difficulties was dissention between top aides and the dismissal of former President Bill Clinton’s advice, she said.

“They kept him on a tight leash,” Parnes said of Hillary Clinton’s staff. Even when her husband warned that he doubted they would win, “his feelings were thrown out,” she said.

Another problem was the candidate’s response to Donald Trump’s vitriol, choosing diplomacy over bashing him, the new book says.

But in private, she found the bombastic billionaire an extreme nuisance.

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During mock debates with an aide who spray-tanned his face to look like Trump, Clinton became annoyed, Parnes said.

“She’s rocking back and forth and throwing her hands in the air [saying], ‘Gosh, you’re so annoying. You’re so annoying,'" the candidate said, according to the author.

Nonetheless, Clinton’s confidence was so steady that she never entertained the idea of a concession speech, Parnes said.

“She expected to win,” Parnes said. “She never expected to say ‘Congratulations,’ to Donald Trump."

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