Girl, 10, Accidentally Swallows Coin While Trying to Imitate Criss Angel Magic Trick

X-rays showed the coin initially in Morgan's stomach before it moved to her intestines, where it remains lodged.

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it became downright dangerous for one California girl who tried to mimic the Mindfreak.

Morgan Renear, 10, tried to duplicate a trick first performed by magician and illusionist Christopher Sarantakos, more famously known as Criss Angel.

“I’m doing a magic trick and the challenge for you guys is to figure it out,” Morgan tells a camera that captured the ordeal. “I’m going to put the coin in my mouth. When I spit it out, it's going to be two coins. Ready?"

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The trick she was trying to copy is believed to be one where Criss Angel is seen swallowing a quarter before making it reappear in his arm.

What the camera doesn’t show is that the little girl already had two quarters in her mouth, and as she tilts her head back, she accidentally swallows one.

She freezes, with panic spreading across her face as she looks back at the camera before quickly walking out of frame and trying to cough up the coin.

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“I’m gonna die,” she can be heard repeatedly whispering to herself.

“I really thought I was gonna die,” Morgan later said.

Officials said the little girl was lucky the coin did not block her wind pipe.

“It's probably like the fifth time I've done it but it's the first time anything has gone wrong,” Morgan said

X-rays showed the coin initially in Morgan’s stomach before it moved to her intestines, where it remains lodged.

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