'BBC Dad' and Family Get Animated for New YouTube Cartoon Series: 'I Look Suitably Dorky'

The viral moment little Marion burst into her father's home office during a live TV interview has been transformed to a cartoon.

The 4-year-old girl who captured hearts around the world when she burst into her dad’s home office during a live TV interview in a “hippity-hoppity mood” is back in the spotlight — this time, in the form of a cartoon.

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Marion Kelley, 4, and her 8-month-old brother, James, who also waddled into the room during political scientist Robert E. Kelly’s interview with the BBC last month, are now the inspirations behind an animated YouTube Series, “The Adventures of Mina and Jack.”

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The cartoon, produced by Hans House Productions, showcases Kelly’s career as an American political analyst and a professor at Pusan National University from Mina’s perspective.

“Funny take-off of our viral video,” Kelly tweeted Monday. “I look suitably dorky.”

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