Zebra Spotted Wandering Around California Neighborhood

Residents were perplexed.

Folks in a Southern California neighborhood were treated to an exotic visitor this past weekend.

A zebra was spotted in all his striped glory hanging out near the town of Murrieta.

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Perplexed La Cresta resident Nancy Risen found herself face-to-face with the African import on Sunday.

"Driving over here, and I’m thinking this has got to be a prank. No one’s got zebras here or any place else that I’m aware of other than the zoo,” Risen told CBS Los Angeles.

But there it was, looking like it owned the place in Riverside County, where county animal services said there are no restrictions to owning zebras

However, officials reportedly weren't contacted about the animal. Instead, neighbors banded together to get the beast and some of his fellow pony escapees back home.

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“You can always count on someone to help you," Risen said of her neighborhood.

Even, it seems, when a zebra is involved.

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