Wendy Walsh Reacts to Bill O'Reilly's Ouster: 'I Have Compassion for the Man'

Walsh went public earlier this month with startling claims about the former Fox News pundit.

One of the women who took down Bill O'Reilly is reacting to the bombshell news that he was cast off by Fox News.

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“To every man or woman subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace, please be brave and walk through the fire,” Dr. Wendy Walsh told Inside Edition. “I have compassion for the man. On the other hand, I am pretty joyful that Fox News has made women’s rights more important than their bottom line.”

Walsh, once a frequent guest on the top-rated O'Reilly Factor, went public earlier this month, claiming the host made an inappropriate pass at her.

Some critics have pointed out that she appeared 13 times on The Factor after the alleged incident.

“The truth is, this is very common in sex harassment," she explained to Inside Edition. "Women think, ‘Oh I can save the relationship. I will be nice. I will lick the hand of the big dog and I will make him like me. And we will get back to the business we were talking about.'"

The Los Angeles-based therapist says that after she went public with her allegations, Fox News launched an investigation.

“I endured two hours of being grilled by four Fox attorneys,” she said.

Unlike O’Reilly’s other alleged victims, Walsh was legally free to speak out because she hadn't filed or settled a lawsuit.

“I was the only woman actually free to talk," she said. "The five other women that he had paid off and made to sign gag orders could not talk and I imagined them all behind me, gagged and bound."

Walsh is now being referred to as the "dragonslayer" for her role in taking down one of the most powerful men on TV.

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After the news of O'Reilly's ouster came down, Walsh's attorney, Lisa Bloom, tweeted: “We slayed the dragon. Never forget this is what we're capable of.”

“I can't believe how much support I got on line by phone and through emails and specifically from men,” Walsh said. “I thought I would be perceived as some kind of man-hater. I can't believe how many men wrote to me and said thank you for changing workplaces for my daughters, for my wife.”

O’Reilly denies all allegations of harassment.

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