2 Kids Shot in Bounce House as Gunman Opens Fire on Birthday Party

Two children and one adult were shot during the celebration in College Park, Ga., on Thursday evening.

A day of celebration turned to turmoil Thursday when shots rang out at a children's birthday party in Georgia and two youngsters were shot inside an inflatable bounce house.

Witnesses to the College Park shooting told police they heard some 20 to 30 shots before dusk. One woman was then faced with a horrifying sight.

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Deanna Titus told reporters her 3-year-old grandson was shot in the back while inside the bounce house. He was one of two children shot. A third person, approximately 20 years old, was also shot.

It was Titus' daughter, the boy's mother, who ran into the bounce house following the shots and found her injured son.

Titus' grandson was taken by helicopter to a hospital, where his condition was unknown Friday morning.

The 20-year-old and a 5-year-old girl are reportedly in stable condition.

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Witnesses told cops they saw unknown subjects leaving the scene in a vehicle, according to WGCL.

Police are now searching for those responsible.

While that happens, Titus and her family have found themselves in a tragically familiar situation. The grandmother told reporters her own son was previously shot in the back and killed in New York City.

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