Pigeon Sneaks Into Brooklyn Apartment and Lays Her Eggs in Woman's Pasta Strainer

"I'm probably going to let her stay," said 33-year-old Genevieve Roman.

A New York woman returned home one day to discover uninvited visitors settling into her Brooklyn apartment — a nesting pigeon and her eggs.

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Genevieve Roman, 33, was getting back to her apartment in Williamsburg after a two-month-long trip when she found a pigeon and her nest inside an orange pasta strainer in her kitchen.

“When I opened the door, I heard like flapping and banging and noise,” Roman said, according to WCBS. “I could tell it was a bird.”

She named her new roommate Adelaide.

“I think I’m probably going to let her stay,” Roman said, after reaching out to different conservation organizations to no avail.

She explained the bird flies in and out of her apartment several times a day as she pleases through her kitchen’s open window. But, Adelaide has always returns to care for her unhatched chicks.

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Despite their reputation, Roman said the pigeon is a clean houseguest and never defecates inside her home.

“There’s no poop,” she confirmed.

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